asus vivobook s


I spent 4 days in Taiwan to attend press conferences organized by ASUS. I also had the chance to be with colleagues in the tech media scene, and ASUS’ ambassador Ann Mateo. Right after the launch of the new ASUS laptop line-up, I asked Ann Mateo to give her thoughts about the Zenbook and Vivobook series as a consumer. Check out our quick collab video above or click this link to watch the video via YouTube. Prior to Computex, Ann was one of our guests at Collab. Apart from modelling and acting, Ann is a verified Twitch partner. She plays DOTA 2, LOL, Outlast Series and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. Catch her stream by following and subscribing to her channel – twitch.tv/annbmateo.

$499 for a laptop!? When laptops get more affordable than a smartphone, it makes some people wonder and ask “Wait, what?”. ASUS just redefined affordability yesterday when they launched the new ASUS Vivobook S, a $499-Kabylake powered laptop. As part of the Vivobook line-up, the Vivobook S has clean and stylish look without sacrificing performance. It offers a great balance of beauty and performance, but at a purse-friendly cost. The Vivobook series has 3 variants, but the base variant piqued our interest: the Vivobook S15 S510UA. Like most brands, when they say “price starts at…” it is very likely that that quoted price is for the base variant; in this case, it’s the Vivobook S15 S510UA. We’re putting this at the grain of salt though, but looking at the specs below, the $499 price is just about right. ASUS Vivobook S15 S510UA Specifications (base variant): Processor: (1) Intel Core i7-7100U…