asus zenbook 13 ux333n


First announced at IFA 2018, the new ZenBook series was certainly one of the head-turners. The ZenBook 13 in particular, has certainly earned the interest of many. It’s just mind-blowing, how they were able to create a device so slim and compact, and still be able to pack in a capable set of hardware to deliver the performance needed for everyday tasks. Specifications Design and Build Quality Of course, as a product gets thinner and slimmer, there would always be the concern about how fragile it becomes. Fortunately, the ZenBook 13 shows no sign of weak construction, despite its mostly non-metal body, except for the lid, which makes use of the pebble design seen on some ZenFone models, making it look very premium. One noticeable change in the design is the screen, which now uses the company’s Nano-Edge display technology, reducing the bezels to a minimum, and giving you more…