asus zenfone ar impressions


Mixed reality has been growing more traction worldwide. In fact, when I met Josh Vergara of Android Authority this Computex 2017, he said that speculations about the upcoming Pixel 3 having Tango embedded to its system has been going around. In the Philippines, while Filipinos aren’t much familiar with ‘mixed reality’ as a term, virtual reality has been getting popular with the proliferation of VR glasses and Playstation VR. Mixed reality is totally a different animal though, and it might take a while for Filipino consumers to embrace it like virtual reality. Last December 2016, I got the chance to interview Chris Misola, a pioneer in mixed reality app development scene in the Philippines, about the present and future of mixed reality in the Philippines. The future is bright, but it requires great amount of effort to promote it down to the consumer level. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fg4fq3KiKE Microsoft Hololens is expensive, and…