So, we just picked up this news over Twitter about a Senate hopeful, Bethaisda Lopez, who is willing to push a bill to ban Clash of Clans and DOTA. According to the post by Catherine Gonzales of Inquirer, Lopez stated that these games “negatively influence the youth”. There was no mention of Lopez’s reference about her claim. LOOK: Senate hopeful Bethsaida Lopez said she will push for a Senate bill that will ban Clash of Clans and Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), saying these games negatively influence the youth. @inquirerdotnet pic.twitter.com/NYfgJI0qh6 — Cathrine Gonzales (@CGonzalesINQ) October 17, 2018 The same Twitter post was reposted by Inquirer, which received several reactions from netizens. Based on our research, Bethaisda (almost a namesake of a game development company Bethesda) was declared by the Supreme Court in 2016 as a nuisance candidate after she failed for a petition. We still have yet to hear for updates…