bloodstained ritual of the night


We love Bloodstained. It’s a great game that is worth the time and money you’ll be putting to it. If by some chance you have not played it yet, or are stuck at a certain part of the game, it may be because you aren’t using the proper shards. Here are some of the best shards that we’ve used to finish the game and get that elusive 100% completion! Heretical Grinder Harvest from: Blood Grinder Knight This Shard really puts the Grind in Grinder. If you wanna dish out rapid hits, this is a must. Not to mention they can harvested the moment you enter the castle since Blood Grinder Knights appear that early in the game. As long as you got the MP to spare, you can definitely bring the pain with this Directional Shard. It can also go through walls through so it’s definitely a way to deal…