Last Thursday, July 16, Braven announced the availability of its new speakers that fit different customer`s lifestyles. The new speakers are made especially to outdoor adventurers, fashionistas, home buddies, health buffs and office junkies. Braven BRV-PRO: Perfect for adventurers Braven proudly presented the BRV-PRO as the world`s first modular ultra-rugged Bluetooth Speaker. It was designed with outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers in mind, and with its wide array of acccessories, users are assured of holistic and enjoyable listening experience. With a build akin to a tank, BRV-PRO is in our books the most rugged and robust-looking speakers we have laid our eyes on. It boasts an IPX7 waterproof design fortified with aircraft grade aluminun. Its 2200mAh battery can let you listen to your favorite music for up to 15 straight hours. Apart from its notable features, here are the accessories you can buy separately for the BRV-PRO:BRV Battery Pack – Double your…