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The internet is primarily made to facilitate collaboration. This is the very reason why social media has been a big hit for Filipinos. It’s a wonder that most of us, Filipinos, have embraced this and have transcended ourselves to be one of the most social media active people on earth. Based on Nielsen’s Q2 report about the internet and social media, 68% of Filipinos who are connected to the internet has been chatting online, and 27% has been using mobile chat applications Viber, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line and Kakaotalk. The influx and burst of chat application usage has tremendously changed the landscape of internet collaboration; brands have started to embrace this and have taken the opportunity to “engage” with their audience like Viber’s Public Chat. Just last week, September 30, 2015, Kakaotalk Philippines Corporation announced the availability of Open Chat feature on Kakao Talk. With this feature, users will be…