Cherry Mobile Flare X2


Cherry Mobile has recently unveiled their newest Flare series phones. We were able to have a look at the devices and here are our first impressions: Flare 5 The design of the Flare 5 has been simplified from the previous generation. And I think that’s just going backwards because that was a beautiful design (At least in my opinion). In any case, there are some nifty improvements such as the 3GB of RAM and the 16MP BSI camera with PDAF. The device seemed to perform smoothly but we’ll have to see if it does the same on some heavy apps. Flare S5/S5 Plus The S5 and S5 Plus look, well they look the same except for the bigger display of the Plus. The device felt premium and solid and UI navigation was smooth as well. What worries me though is that they have the same 1.3GHz Octa-core processor and MaliT720…