Cherry Mobile Skyfire vs Cherry Mobile Flame vs Cherry Mobile Omega


Well guys, it has been so many months since we last reviewed the different Android powered phones from Cherry Mobile. Now, we will do it again. As you all know, the phone that I am about to review here is really a big jump from the Cherry Mobile Flare and you will see a large difference between this phone and the Cherry Mobile Titan. I introduce to you — the Cherry Mobile Flame!



The Cherry Mobile Flame has a big 4.5″ display with a qHD screen (540 x 960, 245 ppi) as compared to the Titan and Flare’s 480 x 800 display. I can say that qHD is a big enhancement from the previous Cherry Mobile Android phones. With its 245 ppi, you can clearly see the sharp quality of the icons and text. The pixels of Cherry Mobile are much smaller than the Cherry Mobile Flare’s WVGA (Wide Video Graphics Array) screen. Take a look at our sample picture of the pixel below.


At the top portion of the phone, you’ll see the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the on/off toggle. The volume rocker is located at the right side of the phone. The Flame also uses a micro-USB for charging and for data transfer is found at located at the left side.




Like the Cherry Mobile Titan and Cherry Mobile Flare, the Cherry Mobile Flame also has capacitive  buttons. Although, we noticed that the capacitive buttons are more well-lighted compared to the latter phones I’ve mentioned. Take a look at the picture below:


It is known in the Pinoy Android community that the Flame is a re-branded Karbonn A21. But, Cherry Mobile managed to redesign the phone quite similar to the designs of Flare; this somehow makes the Flame a beefed up version of the latter. The Cherry Mobile Flame has a shiny bezels like the Cherry Mobile Flare and Cherry Mobile Titan making it look like a premium smartphone. Oh, didn’t I mention that the Cherry Mobile Flame has a dual sim capability?



The Cherry Mobile Flame houses an Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.4) OS. Navigating through Menus and Homescreen are a bit laggy but installing a new Launcher (like Apex or Holo Launcher) will somehow make it faster.

Just like the Flare, the Cherry Mobile Flame has a 1.2 Ghz Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which enables applications to function properly and smoothly with less battery consumption. We do not know yet if the Cherry Mobile Flame will have an update for the Android Jellybean but hopefully it will become available soon.

Cherry Mobile Jellybean

What is good about Android smartphones like Flame is its Google Play Store which has nearly a million applications to download. It can be games, for customization, or for education. All you have to do is to sign up or log in to Google Play Store and you are all set!



Using Quadrant Benchmarking Application, the Cherry Mobile Flame reached 2,646 points making it more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. As you can see, it’s only few points behind the Motorola Atrix 4G but way further than the HTC One X and ASUS Transformer Prime. But still, the Cherry Mobile Flame is a very powerful smartphone although it scored lower compared to Cherry Mobile Flare. Please note though that benchmark scores are relative scores as benchmark applications consider the current state of devices. It is possible for Flame to have a different score after a week or two.


The Cherry Mobile Flame has a 1800 mAh battery and you’ll see that I have been using this phone in 18 hours and 41 minutes (on battery) with minimal charging. I can say that the battery has an average capability for a maximum user like me. I think with minimum usage, the battery will last in 3-5 days. Quite impressive, right?



The Cherry Mobile Flame has a 5 megapixel-camera and as a photo enthusiast, the camera of this phone has an average capability like that of Cherry Mobile Titan. Here are my sample shots:

Test shot

With well lighted subjects, the camera is very impressive. While with low lighted subjects, you will notice the pixelated parts of the picture. An example will be seen below.Flashes


Flare disrupted the pricing trend of dual core Pinoy Android phones in the Philippines; and Cherry Mobile is on it again to “revolutionize” the local mobile phone industry by breaking the trend of correlating ‘affordability’ and ‘poor quality’. With all the outstanding features and with a affordable price tag of PhP 6,299, I highly recommend the Cherry Mobile Flame. This phone is affordable but exudes great quality. Indeed, the Cherry Mobile made it again and with Pinoy market nowadays, this phone will certainly be highly saleable!

Guys, we know that you’re all interested about this phone. We at Gadget Pilipinas would like to know if you have any questions. We’ll answer them if we can; or escalate your concerns to Cherry Mobile if we can’t. We also believe that some of you may already know the answer to some of the questions, so please feel free to hit the comments section below.

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This is where you can find our live tweets at Cherry Mobile’s Vintage Royal Coverage. So be sure to check on this post
at exactly 6:00 tonight. Gadget Pilipinas’ live tweet hashtag will be #CherryMobilePh2012.



The event just concluded. Sadly, Cherry Mobile didn’t announce their new phone lineups for next year. We’re not disappointed though as Cherry Mobile specifically mentioned on their invitation that this is a Dealer’s event.

The Big Time Crew were all present at the event. We even stumbled upon Alora Guerrero of TechLokal and Widget City’s Martin Bornilla. It was a night filled with fun, prizes and incentives to the dealers. They gave away lots of cars and even condo lots to esteemed and outstanding dealers. They raffled off prizes to all, including members of the media and bloggers. (By the way, we would like to thank them again for inviting us. We also won a Cherry Mobile Supreme during the raffle draw. Good times indeed.)

Some of their brand ambassadors graced the event Anne Curtis, Kim Chiu and Robin Padilla. Sarah Geronimo, although not present at the event, sang the newest jingle of Cherry Mobile, “Click Tayo”. Senator Jinggoy Estrada also attended the event.

If you wish to know more about the stuff that happened during the event, please check back on the Twitter feed below. We’ll definitely give you updates about Cherry Mobile’s upcoming phones.

For your convenience, below is my comparison of CM Flare, Skyfire, Flame and Omega based on the rumors we gathered. The table below will be updated right after the event.

We got a little tip from one of our friends a techlandia. The Cherry Moble Skyfire, Flame and Omega might be launched in the first week of December! This is going to be an exciting time again to all of us as affordable yet powerful Pinoy Android phones will soon be available for everyone this Christmas Season!

What are these phones again? Let me give you all a recap:

The Cherry Mobile Skyfire, Flame and Omega

Quick Impressions on CM Skyfire. CM gave us a teaser of the Skyfire during the Flare Day at SM North Edsa and Robinsons Ermita. Specs-wise, it seems like Skyfire is Flare’s step brother. It’s 15% bigger than Flare and endowed with much cheaper processor. It is good to note as well that Skyfire has a TFT Capacitive screen, unlike Flare, which has IPS.

Cherry Mobile announced that Skyfire will be available for PhP5,999.00 in December.

Quick Impressions on CM Flame. I tried researching on the possible OEM of this phone and I got several outstanding results. According to AskHideki.com – one of the tech blogs in the Philippines that’s focused on OEM phones –  it’s very likely that Flame is a rebranded Neo NO2-M or the Karbonn A21. I share the same thoughts with AskHideki on this.

Quick Impressions on CM Omega. I must say – Cherry Mobile is doing a great job in naming their devices. The Cherry Mobile Omega, due to its name, can easily be perceived as a device of grandeur and power. In my opinion, this phone is likely going to go head to head with the Cherry Mobile Titan and the MyPhone A919. I’m going to post a chart comparison of CM Titan, MP A919 and CM Omega once the final full specs of the latter is officially released.

For your convenience, below is my comparison of CM Flare, Skyfire, Flame and Omega based on the rumors we gathered:

These new phones by Cherry Mobile might be launched on December 4, 2012. Cherry Mobile did not confirm that they’ll be launching these phones on Tuesday next week. But, I’ve got a pretty good hunch that it will be. So, guys – what do you think? After Flare Day last November 17, are you excited for another bunch of new-CM-phone days in December? Skyfire Day, Flame Day, Omega Day… Anyone?

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Trivia”]Omega is last letter in the greek alphabet. In reference to Revelations (Bible), God is the Alpha and the Omega – the begining and the end.[/stextbox]

If I play on the above reference, Cherry Mobile might launch Omega on December 21 – the end of days according to the Mayan Calendar.

UPDATE 11/28/2012: We just received an invitation from Cherry Mobile. Event will be on December 4. Watch out for more updates!

UPDATE 12/4/2012: Event will be today. Check on this link for LIVE UPDATES during the Cherry Mobile event. We will be posting live updates using Twitter hashtag #CherryMobilePh2012 starting 6:00pm!