Chord Poly


Chord electronics, in partnership with its local distributor, Beyond Innovations Inc., recently launched its newest hi-fi product here in the Philippines: Introducing the Chord Poly. Built to work with the Chord Mojo, the Poly is a revolutionary music streamer which allows you to wirelessly stream music from a wide range of devices, and be able to enjoy it in the best sound quality possible, whether at home or on the go. Poly in itself is a music player equipped with a microSD card slot for storing huge libraries, freeing up some space in your device. Playback can be controlled using everyday apps on your mobile device, whether it be streaming or playing music directly from the microSD card. It directly connects to Mojo’s audio-processing technology to significantly improve the quality of streamed music. This innovative design allows mobile devices to become Hi-Fi audio players. The smartphone is the controller, while…