curve 8520


Before 2009 ended, I gave you my impressions on Blackberry Curve 8520’s Operating System, Dashboard and Messaging. Generally, everything works pretty well but because the phone doesn’t have the power to take on too many opened applications, I’ve experienced several lags while using it.

This time, before I end my triparted impressions on this BB variant, let me give you my experiences on using the web browser and 3rd party applications. Then finally, I will my final verdict on this phone.

Merry Christmas everyone! Last December 24, I gave you my impressions on Blackberry Curve 8520 with special focus on its form and aesthetics. Today, I will give you my thoughts about its operating system. IMPRESSIONS (Part 2) OPERATING SYSTEM Blackberry Curve 8520 uses OS v. Like other Blackberries, the OS installed in this variant is built specially to put its signature input keys such as the trackball and the optical trackpad into maximum reliability. Amazingly, although its OS has its minimalistic theme, it certainly never fails to provide the necessary features its end users need. The OS performs quite fast with this phone. However, when I tried opening several applications like messaging, calendar, Mobipocket Reader and web and to my dismay, it failed to respond until I had to remove the battery to put it off. I realized then that I was using a low-end Blackberry variant. Let me give…

In the 2nd quarter of 2009, there was a rumor that RIM (Research in Motion) will be releasing a low-end Blackberry. So when I read about such rumors, I told myself, “Ano na namang kalokohan ‘to? ‘Di ba pang-executive lang ang Blackberry?! [Translation: WTF!?]” To my amazement, Blackberry indeed launched the said device in the 3rd quarter 2009 and changed the way how we think about Blackberries.

I was not a fan of blackberry then but when I saw it on sale in Greenhills (a popular shopping spot in the heart of the Philippines), I was stunned by its simple-yet-beautiful look and features. It doesn’t have a trackball, its operating system is similar to blackberries with physical keyboards and it performs almost equal to other Blackberries as well.

Since this Blackberry deviates from the usual norm in the Philippines (only for rich and the top-level company executives), its hardware specifications and features are quite low-end. Although it does have the necessary components a Blackberry should have, the lack of 3G and camera flash may really be a deal breaker for some.

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