Epson has recently achieved yet another milestone – A Gold Rating fro EcoVadis, which reflects the company’s commitment to achieving the highest possible international CSR standards. It also establishes Epson as an outstanding brand in sustainable and Environment Procurement categories and highlights its excellent achievement in Labor, Human Rights and Ethics. Sustainability is a core part of the company’s philosophy, and is also a key factor in how it works with partners across the supply chain. Epson is also committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, incorporated in the company’s product portfolio, including inkjet printers, projectors, and robotics systems which are all grounded in the proprietary “shosho sei” or efficient, compact, and precision technologies that’s been refined over time. EcoVadis is an independent, trusted and collaborative platform that uses CSR assessment technology to measure over 50,000 organizations across 190 industy sectors in 150 countries. The process to achieve the ranking…