epson 4k laser projectors


During its regional laser projector showcase in Bangkok, Thailand, Epson launched two new laser projectors. Equipped with the company’s signature 3LCD technology which delivers unparalleled image quality, both the EB-L12000Q and the EB-L20000U are fitted with innovative features that elevate them up above the class. The EB-L12000Q is one of the lightest products in its class, and is an industry-first  -12,000 lumens (brightness) and native 4K resolution. The EB-L20000U on the other hand, is Epson’s first model with 20,000 lumens of brightness, and uses an in-house developed native 4K panel for ultra high-definition images. Both sport a compact and light design, and are equipped with a triple layer dust-proof structure, which actually houses a sealed optical engine for absolute durability. Just as we need it to cool our PC’s, these projectors are also fitted with a newly-designed liquid cooling system, which maintains the optimal temperature for core components. They’re also equipped…