havit speakers


Lights and sound play a vital role in one’s mood. This new trend is everpresent in various lifestyle activities like playing video games, working from home and dining. This is exactly one of the reasons why more and more devices are mixing lights and sound at the core of their features. This is also probably the reason why Hong Kong-based tech lifestyle technology, Havit, made their first LED Bluetooth speaker. LED Bluetooth speakers aren’t actually new. Yell and JBL are among the pioneers in this category, and even Shenzhen-based Olike has also been trying to snatch a piece of attention. Havit’s own LED Bluetooth speaker boasts a unique design, acceptable sound quality and a unique feature that none of its competitors have – 4000mAh power bank. The speaker is made of anodized aluminum, with a texture and overall feel quite similar to Apple’s MacBook series. If you put this beside a MacBook,…