Hermes E2


Gamdias started venturing in the Philippine gaming business a couple of years ago. They offer various gaming peripherals – from gaming mice, headset, mechanical keyboards to PC components. Gamdias also offers the world’s first RGB Gaming Chair, the Achilles. Among the many peripherals that they sell, Gamdias has proven to be quite a veteran in developing mechanical keyboards. One of them is the Hermes E2 7Color Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The E2 7Color is a TKL mechanical gaming keyboard that tenders a more affordable price tag compared to their other models. The E2 7Color is very comfortable to use in typing and in maneuvering during games like PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends. For a button-smasher like me, I like to hear those clicky keys whenever I smash them. I’ve recorded the clicky keys for your pleasure. From the box, the E2 7Color is presented to you…