HONOR Vision


Yesterday, HONOR Philippines conducted a small media gathering session to talk about its plans for the Philippine market. The brand has received quite the warm welcome in the country, thanks to its portfolio of value-for-money devices like the HONOR Play. More than just having the proper hardware, another huge aspect of the entire user experience is the software. HONOR gave a quick briefing about HarmonyOS, and the role that it will play in the company’s ecosystem of devices, and how it caters to the 5G era. HarmonyOS uses a microkernel design that sort of compartmentalizes the different services, the more critical ones separated from the rest. This makes it less prone to attacks. It also delivers a more optimized way of prioritizing tasks by precise resource scheduling, real-time load analysis and forecasting. The new OS also aims to bring a more seamless experience across all devices, and with HUAWEI ARK…