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When we compare laptops, we usually do focus on performance, battery life, and the lot. Today though, we’re going to do a different spin on our comparison. We pitted four of the most popular laptop brands in a “who has the better look and feel” contest. Yes, it’s not about benchmarks and that stuff today, but merely how the device looks, and how it feels when used. We’ll be comparing devices from four brands – ASUS, HP, Dell, and MSI. Here are the parameters that we’ll be using for this comparison. Build Quality  – You’re going to pay a lot for these laptops, so you’d expect the best materials to be used. Thickness – The thinner a laptop is, the less space it will take on your bag. Weight – The less a laptop weighs, the easier it is for you to carry around. Display – The more room you…

Today, we are witnessing the first product of Microsoft and Qualcomm’s joint venture for full-pledged laptops powered by Snapdragon Processors. The HP ENVY x2 has just passed the FCC, and the documents have revealed the device’s key specifications: A 12.3-inch screen, 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM, a 256GB Solid State Drive, and a battery that can yield up to 20 hours of uptime in a single charge. The device will run on Windows 10 and is also equipped with a USB Type-C port, along with SIM card and SD card slots. The HP ENVY x2 is expected to launch in the US in Q2 of 2018. Source: GizChina, Photo: HP

One of the best ways to remember not just the holiday season but any important moment in our lives is to look at them again and again through photos. And while digital is now the new way to go, having these memories in the palm of your hand just makes things extra special. The HP Sprocket is a pocket printer that’s built specifically for such a purpose. With its easy to use app interface, there’s just one thing you’ll want to do – print, print and print. Check out our unboxing of the HP Sprocket Printer below: https://youtu.be/OCVeH3k8kkM Here’s five ways of spicing up your holiday season with the Sprocket! As a Christmas Decor Apart from the tradition lights, why not line up your walls with pictures you’ve taken? it’s a good startup to a conversation for house parties. And who knows? that long-planned out of town trip may finally…