huawei mate 20x


In its official Twitter account, Huawei recently posted a teaser of perhaps one of the many devices that it will introduce during its grand launch event on October 16. While no specific hardware particulars were mentioned, the teaser pointed out to what is seemingly a third variant of the Mate 20 that’s focused on gaming and performance,  as the hashtag says, it may be called the Mate 20X. The teaser showed two points. Cooler – which means that the upcoming device will either have a dedicated cooling module that boosts airflow, or it could have a cooling system that’s unique to it, allowing the device to sustain its performance through long hours of gaming. Next point, Longer Gaming – which means that the device may boast AI-powered battery management to prolong battery life, or just basically a larger than usual power pack. 5,000mAh? we’ll see. In any case, there’s just…