huawei mate30 pro philippines


Huawei is under attack. Huawei is fighting back. Huawei just wants to make good technology work for everyone. Regardless of your interpretation of the grand scheme of things about Huawei, there is one thing that’s certain about them – their technology posts a huge threat among its competitors. It didn’t take long for the company to surface as a major player in the industry, and based on how they play their cards, it’s obvious that they are quite intimidating. The Elephant in the Room Enter Huawei Mate30 Pro, a follow up to last year’s successful product line-up, which introduced a lot of groundbreaking features. The new phone boasts all the best and powerful things that Huawei could ever put on their smartphone, but it lacked one significant feature that was feared to be a major dealbreaker for consumers, and that is not having Google Playstore at boot. The issue isn’t…