huawei nova 3i vs oppo f9


As we’re researching for the hottest midrange smartphones in the market in the Philippines, we found out that 2 products are getting a significant number of search blips via Google search – Huawei Nova 3i and OPPO F9. In fact, a lot of our readers have been messaging us about what to buy between the two. They received answers and a few explanations. However, we thought of coming up with articles that will further explain the reasons for our answers. Design Hands-down, Nova 3i is one of the beautiful smartphones we’ve seen this year. Its one-of-a-kind and sophisticated gradient look is a story worth telling, but the sense of wonder it evokes has details that are more than what we can see. OPPO F9’s plastic back panel with flower petal design is also noteworthy. While they are late in the game, OPPO’s desire to upgrade the aesthetics of their smartphones…