huawei p20 plus


Yes, that notch is worth emulating. With Apple introducing the notched screen in its launch of the iPhone X last year, we know it’s just a matter of months before another smartphone maker does its own version. As these Huawei P20 and P20 Plus leaked renders show, the company has done a nifty job on keeping the so-called “notch” (can’t we call it another name?) on the narrow side. It is highly probable that between the two designs, the P20 Plus will see the light of day. The notch with the almost bezel-less screen brings it closer to the iPhone X which Huawei obviously wants go mano y mano with.  Though we’ve seen early drawings of the P20 which show a physical Home button, we still think the all-screen option is closer to reality. Still nothing is stopping Huawei from pushing both variants as what most manufacturers do. A physical home button is…