iPad 3


Yes, ladies and gentlemen – March 7 is fast approaching. The follow-up to the mighty iPad 2 will soon be unveiled, and all we could do now is to make up some rumors or declare how it looks, feels and performs. Today, allow me to fearlessly predict how the next iPad would look like, perform and be named. Of course, this article will become deprecated once the next iPad is finally unveiled. Well, it’s just me – a geek, having fun. Who knows? Come March 8, 2012, we’d all realize that I could be right after all.

steve jobs mosaic Editorial

Last night, I told my wife that it would be ideal that Steve Jobs would make the announcement of the iPad 3 in March and iPhone 5 in June 2012 to create and post significant mark to the total view and value of Apple, unless he dies before the year ends. And then, the unfortunate event happened this morning – Steve Jobs died. What would the world do without him? Read on.