Kumu.ph, a Philippine tech startup, is winning hearts and minds online with a live streaming platform that “prioritizes the voice of over 100 million Filipinos around the world.” Kumu is on track to February closing with over 9M app visits which will place the live streaming app right up there in terms of traffic with major Philippines news and media companies like Inquirer.net, ABS-CBN.com, and GMAnetwork.com. The visits come from under half a million registered users who on average visit the app more than 30 times a month. The app is driven by Millenials and Gen Zs that make up more than 80% of its followers. It’s also the only Philippine-developed app that is ranking among the top social apps for the country on both the Google Play and iOS App Store. Founded in 2017, Kumu.ph  is a global community interacting over a platform that supports user-generated live streams and…