LG V10


We can’t count how many times we’ve encountered people who firmly believe that there’s only so many ways you can turn a rectangular slab of metal, glass, and plastic, to make it look like a proper smartphone. And honestly, we can hardly blame them. But after a brief period of testing the LG V10, we may have to rethink that idea. The LG V10 is the new flagship Android phone from LG that marries a peerless, military-grade lightweight body with features that would rival those of most high-end handsets. Off a short list of its main specs, you’ll find at least three different things that make it unique and interesting. To understand exactly what we’re talking about, continue reading our LG V10 review. Design and build quality The LG V10’s body can be described simply as sexy but undeniably sturdy. Its tough chassis is built to withstand falls, and it…