mate 20 pro geekbench 4


The Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro are powerful smartphones. Synthetic benchmarks usually are within the range of 240,000 – 270,000. For the trained eye, these levels are lower than usual high-end smartphones; and for a next-generation chipset such as Kirin 980, we expected it to score beyond 300,000 on Antutu. Just recently, we discovered that both units have its Performance Mode disabled at default. This means that both synthetic benchmark and actual performance are limited to save on battery.  As usual, we are after maximizing our units for us to see how well it can perform at maximum settings. So, in order for us to fully maximize our experience, we did the following things: Enter “Settings” Click on “Battery” Toggle “Performance Mode” on Performance Mode is now activated In order to show you the difference between having this mode on and off, here are synthetic benchmark results for…