We immediately fell in love with the Nokia N9 when we first saw it in July 2011. It’s 3.9 inches, AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors evidently makes this phone on par with the iPhone. 5 months later, Nokia and Smart formally launched it and put more power to the finger as it’s the first and probably only phone we ever came across with that demoted the value of home buttons. The word ‘swipe’ became sexier than ever.

Meego UX (user experience) pre-Alpha 1.1 for handhelds was released yesterday while President Noynoy was taking his oath as Philippines 15th president. N900 users itched to install it in their phones, but initial reports said that the released code is not compatible with the Nokia N900. Is this the end for N900’s hope to have Meego OS? The answer is – No! Meego OS runs on the Nokia N900 after all. Read, view the video and hit the comments.