In partnership with Japanese advertising company, Hallohallo Business Inc., cab-hailing app MiCab recently launched its own digital advertising platform called MiAds (Mobile Internet Advertising). This will utilize Huawei’s 7-inch LTE-powered tablets to advertise content, and will be deployed inside partner cabs. By the end of this year, MiCab aims to grow its fleet of partner taxis to 15,000 across 6 cities – 4,000 in Metro Cebu, 2,000 in Baguio, 1,500 in Iloilo City, 800 in Bacolod, 5,000 in Metro Manila and 2,000 in Davao City, and sell inventories through Hallohallo Business Inc. According to a study conducted by JICA,the Philippines ranks as the 9th country with the worst traffic in the world, 4th in Asia. MiAds takes advantage of this situation for approaching passengers with digital advertisement. In fact, MiAds reaches up to 80 passengers a day per taxi. That means over 31 million in a month. For advertisers, MiAds…