mini life jacket


Just today, October 19, 2015, audio solutions company, Altec Lansing launched a wide range of sound devices at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City. With an umbrella feature they call “Everything Proof, the new devices are manufactured and tested to IP67 standards – waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Take note though that “Everything Proof” is just a marketing slogan, which the brand is carrying to suggest that their products can withstand “rigors of the outside world.” In fact, during the launch, Altec Lansing showed various videos demonstrating how tough the new speakers are. The Life Jacket, for instance, was subjected to rigorous tests like being shot by a gun, blasted by a bomb, and pounded by a hammer. Here are the new stuff, which Altec Lansing launched: Life Jacket https://vimeo.com/111273521 Life Jacket is the grand daddy of their IP67 “Everything Proof” devices. The device boasts bluetooth and NFC connectivity, and features…