The Filipinos were treated to one great weekend on September 27 & 28 respectively. Our worlds stopped for a while and we were all glued to our TV sets because of two “firsts” for us – the win of Megan Lynne Young, as Miss World 2013, and that of Mitoy Yongting as The Voice of the Philippines. Oh yes, we have reasons to be proud of!!! And now that the excitement and happiness have slightly sunk in, EXTRA would like to celebrate these achievements, by having my FIRST official write up. A Young Enlightenment What does Megan’s win in Miss World 2013 have given us? Happiness, hope, enlightenment and something we can all be proud of as individuals. After the wins of Mutya Johanna Datul in Miss Supranational 2013; and that of the Dragon Fireworks in Pyronale (in Germany); including Lee Van Corteza and Dennis Orcollo’s in the World Cup…