mobile video experience


In this age of an on-the-go lifestyle, watching videos on mobile devices has been the trend. As such, it’s important for carriers to provide its customers with the best viewing experience, through fast and reliable networks. Recently, OpenSignal, an independent mobile analytics company, released a new report (which now includes Asian carriers) that details the mobile video experience in Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines. In its per-operator study, Smart garnered a score of 42.2, beating its closest competitor’s score of 29.2. The score is even higher than the Philippines’ overall rating of 34.98.  Proof that the Telco is providing its customers the better mobile video experience in the country. The score is also comparable with US Telcos – AT&T at 40.88, and Sprint at 41.1. According to OpenSignal’s latest mobile networks update in August, Smart leads nationwide download speeds at 13.09Mbps vs competitor’s 7.34Mbps, as well…