Meego UX (user experience) pre-Alpha 1.1 for handhelds was released yesterday while President Noynoy was taking his oath as Philippines 15th president. N900 users itched to install it in their phones, but initial reports said that the released code is not compatible with the Nokia N900. Is this the end for N900’s hope to have Meego OS? The answer is – No! Meego OS runs on the Nokia N900 after all. Read, view the video and hit the comments.

Tweeting with style and ZOMG-experience has finally arrived on the Nokia N900 – meet TweeGo.

TweeGo is a “chirper” client made especially for the Maemo platform. Developed using QT/C++ by Mikhail Ramalho and Rodrigo Ramos, this application is ready to give reliable, efficient and awesome UI twitter experience. I tried the client myself and I must say that it’s MeeGo ready for me. I really wish that more developers will be enticed to create such cool applications for the N900.

There is now an easy way to integrate Facebook on N900 conversations without installing Facebook Chat plugin from Extras-Devels repository. Thanks to Nokia Blog for the instructions. Step 1. On your Nokia N900, go to Settings – VoIP and IM accounts and click the New button. Select Jabber as the service. Step 2. Find your Facebook Chat username on this link by clicking on one of the clients. You just need to know the Jabber ID and your Facebook password. Step 3: Just click on Others on the “connect your client” and there you will find your proper facebook chat ID. Password to be supplied is similar to your facebook password. Step 4: Sign-in to your Facebook chat and there it is – Facebook Chat on your Conversations. Use the same method if you want to integrate FB chat on Adium (on Ubuntu), iChat (on Mac) or Pidgin.