new monsters


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is coming in a few days and hunters from all around gather around the camp once again to take on this new adventure. Pre-orders are still ongoing across all local retailers like Datablitz and Game One PH branches and if you haven’t yet, you’ve got a couple of days before the big day hits. There are a ton of new stuff – from new armor and weapon sets – that will help us brave the new monsters and it’s time to find out who exactly these are! Check out the list of all the new monsters to hunt for in Iceborne and where they can be found! Acidic Glavenus – Rotten Vale Banbaro – Hoarfrost Reach Beotodus – Hoarfrost Reach Barioth – Hoarfrost Reach Brachydios – Elder’s Recess Coral Pukei Pukei – Coral Highlands Ebony Odogaron – Coral Highlands …