nintendo switch lite philippines


The jig is up. Once a rumor, Nintendo has finally popped the lid open on the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s been met with mixed reviews, some unwarranted but most with valid points. Everyone is expecting a beefier Switch to be announced soon after, but for now we take a deeper look into the Switch Lite. In this article, let us answer the burning question for you – Should you (or shouldn’t) get a Switch Lite? Our resident gamers and Switch owners Gian and Chris talk about the pro’s and con’s of the newly announced addition to the Nintendo line! Chris (C): Ok I’m very underwhelmed, not because I was expecting the Switch “Pro” but because I cannot objectively see why I should get a Lite. I already have the OG Switch so getting anything other than a better version of the Switch will be a downgrade for me. Even if I…