Nokia 8110 4G


The sleek, action-packed movie, “The Matrix” easily became a sensation because of the awesome fight scenes and “futuristic” gadgets involved. One specific device eventually caught our eye and this is the Nokia 8110 a.k.a. The Banana Phone. Thanks to HMD, the company that resurrects legendary Nokia phones, they just re-imagined the Nokia 8110. Ladies and gentlemen, the Nokia 8110 4G. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmsrNIqxpOs Nokia 8110 4G features an old-school protective slider which brings us back to 90s and a Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform that promises 25 days of standby time with a single charge. This is also powered by the Smart Feature OS by KaiOS with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB Storage. Coming from its name, the Nokia 8110 also has 4G LTE connection that can be used for both VoLTE calls and for setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot. Since the phone has no front cam, you’re going to have to…