O+ 8.37 Antutu


Over a month ago, O+ USA unveiled a new set of cool and affordable smartphones with new features to enjoy. I’d like to commend the company for thinking about the welfare of consumers that want to feel what it’s like to have a much-coveted smartphone without hurting their pockets. One of these talked about handy dandy smartphones is the O+ 8.37, which I was allowed to use for a week for a review. Here’s what I have to say:

The Look

The O+ 8.37 comes in the usual sleek design that resembles too many smartphones available in the market today. However, I don’t “judge a book by its cover” so I’ll have to set aside my pickiness when it comes to gadgets.

O+ 8.37 16

Moving on, the O+ 8.37 comes in a box that can also be used as container for trinkets when not in use. Besides the phone, the box also comprises of 3.5mm headphones with free earbuds, charger adapter, user manual, micro USB cable, and a free 8 gb-MicroSD card.

I like how this smartphone boasts a 4.0-inch capacitive touch screen with three main buttons: Menu, Home and Back. The back cover is matte finished (yes, I like everything matte most especially in lipsticks!) so you don’t have to worry anything from scratches to dust.

O+ 8.37 13

O+ 8.37 12

Also, its size isn’t too gigantic or too small for a smartphone. Its width is enough for me to carry it around without any hassle.

The Performance

Convenient is the perfect word to describe how the O+ 8.37 works. For an inexpensive smartphone, this one does better as it offers you a lot of fun from text messaging to playing pre-installed games like Temple Run 2. In fact, even music videos of my favorite singers as well as Asian variety shows played well. To be honest with you, this thing right here saved me from boredom and impatience while waiting in the long queues at the MRT. Also, the sound is pleasant to the ears that I enjoyed every song I played in my playlist.

I don’t want to be too technical, but I did try running an Antutu benchmark test because I’m curious how it fares. Surprisingly, it got an Antutu score of more than 10,000. Check out some screenshots below.



Even if I use Facebook and Twitter at the same time, the O+ 8.37 still has a very impressive performance as no application (from my experience) has crashed due to several programs running on the device. If I my add, the O+ 8.37’s battery is really something for it can stay up to three days for standard use and more than a day for heavy Internet use.

O+ 8.37 4

Unfortunately, as much as I love its speediness – since it runs Android 4.2 Jellybean and 1GHz dual-core processor – during my Internet sessions, the O+ 8.37 has failed to reach my expectations. Why is that? After I took photos of the event I have attended, they came out grainy that I had to delete everything at once. Its 3.2MP AF rear camera and VGA front camera made me lose my interest in capturing special moments using this. Forgive me, but being a blogger means having a camera with quality. Check out some sample shots below.

Another thing I didn’t quite like about the O+ 8.37 is that, I had a rough time sending text messages as the keyboard was a pain in the neck. It took me ages before typing in the correct words even if the distance of the letters is wider than any entry-level smartphone. It felt like the screen wasn’t responsive enough to recognize a certain tap.

O+ 8.37 15

The Features

Do you use two sim cards to connect with your family and friends? Lucky you, because the O+ 8.37 offers dual sim slots so you can use them both at the same time. It’s not surprising though, as most of today’s smartphones arrive with two sim card slots for convenience purposes.

Among the specifications mentioned above, my favorite would be this smartphone’s Air Shuffle feature that makes it easier for users to change songs and take photos sans tapping the screen. To my curiosity, I tried this feature for the first time while I was on the bus and the person next to me stared like I’m some kind of a lunatic moving my hand over the sensor.


Overall, I find the O+ 8.37 an average smartphone with cool air shuffle feature that’s perfect for those who are just about to join the smartphone users circle. Its 3G connectivity is enough for newbie Internet users. For P4,995, you’d get to experience a wide screen for your favorite flicks to keep you entertained while waiting for the train to arrive so you could get home on time. What do you say?