oppo reno 10x zoom review


When OPPO launched OPPO Reno series in the Philippines a few months ago, I thought of it as OPPO’s reinvention of their brand and how they wish to present themselves to their market moving forward. Alongside the new OPPO Reno smartphones, OPPO even announced their new typeface, and it cemented their future as a brand that resonates with the sophisticated millennial generation. Revolutionary Design Reno 10x Zoom’s design reflects the renewed philosophy of OPPO, and I see it in a very positive way. From the subtle function that O-ring presents to the shark fin mechanized selfie camera that hides behind the top portion of the screen, Reno 10X Zoom embodies what OPPO wants to do with their smartphones moving forward. I’ve gone past the issue of “moving parts get to break down easily” and “dirt accumulates in the recesses of mechanical parts”. OPPO has always assured its consumers that it…