Who said that only humans can cosplay game, comic or anime characters? In a recent patch by popular MOBA game, Mobile Legends, the renowned Bloodaxe Orc with demon blood, receives a new skin. The skin and the move sets that come with it are inspired by basketball, a game that’s so popular among Filipinos. https://www.facebook.com/MobileLegendsOnlinePH/videos/2040134082716021 The Salvage Pointguard skin is among the best ones we have seen in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. What’s even more surprising is how Moonton, the game’s developer, managed to even rehash Balmond’s more powerful move, Lethal Counter. Apart from just simply smashing the ground with his re-skinned Bloodlust Axe, an aura of a basketball half court will fill the animation. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is undoubtedly the most popular Mobile MOBA in the Philippines. In fact, it ranks number 1 and the leading mobile gaming arena today across Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia markets. Correlate this…