persona 5 playstation 4


In anticipation for Persona 5 Royal, which comes out in Japan on October 31, 2019 and 2020 in the west, Atlus and Sony have decided to bait us into spending more money. Again. These limited edition PlayStation 4’s look fantastic and are a must for any Persona fan and collector out there! First up is the white PS4 Slim adorned with our favorite (even though he always forces us to sleep) pet, Morgana. Even the controller has a cute Morgana design on the touch pad! For the Black PS4 Slim, Joker takes center stage with a matching black controller. Lastly, the Glacier White PS4 Pro (frankly, the best looking one) has the whole Phantom Thieves party up front with all their attack poses. These units will launch alongside the game in Japan and while there is no news yet on when it will release locally, we’ll be sure to let…