project resistance


Capcom teased this title about a week to go before Tokyo Game Show 2019 and as the event has gone and concluded, we got a chance to play the game so we can give you our thoughts on it! Good? Meh? Read on to find out our impressions of the latest multiplayer game called Project Resistance! First off, Project Resistance is an asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer game. 4 players will take control of “Survivors”, each with their own unique skills and playstyle, and the other will take control of the “Mastermind”,  who will do anything to stop these survivors from reaching their goal. If anything, it’s very similar to Predator: Hunting Grounds which we had also played during TGS but with very basic differences and we’re here to talk about the 5 things we learned while playing the game! Each Survivor has an important role to play For a couple of…

Based on the teaser, Project Resistance looked to be a brand new 4v1 multiplayer Resident Evil experience. The trailer didn’t show much but Capcom has answered our prayers and has released a gameplay trailer worth nearly 3 minutes, check it out below: I’m still a bit skeptical about this at this point but by the time you read this, I’ll be able to get my filthy hands on a playable demo to basically see first hand what the hype is all about. Will it be good? bad? REALLY BAD? We’ll know soon enough and we’ll be bringing you first hand impressions so stay tuned! Our Tokyo Game Show coverage is brought to you by our preferred network PLDT Home for fixed line connection at home and Smart Communications.

Capcom has revealed an upcoming project called “Project Resistance” which you can see through this link. With no mention of what it is, all we know is that it highly possible that it is connected to the Resident Evil series since the “RE” in resistance is highlighted in red. More updates about this will be announced on September 9 at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET / September 10 at 00:00 JST so keep it locked in if you want to know more about this upcoming project from Capcom! UPDATE: Leaked screenshots have surfaced and it’s looking to be like a multiplayer sort of game, similar to Left 4 Dead maybe? We can only assume based on the screenshots but we’ll know more for certain when it is officially announced next week! Peep the screenshots below: