Let’s face it. You’ve always wanted a Playstation 4. You’ve held off your purchase for a couple of reasons but mostly because you’ve wanted that price to go down just a tad more, especially for those much coveted game bundles. And now, that price drop is upon us. Check out Sony’s offering below and what we think about these bundles. If you’ve never owned a PS4 and have been scouring the online marketplace for second-hand PS4s, I urge you to strongly consider the HITS bundle which has The Last of Us Remastered, Detroit: Become Human and this year’s Game of Year Winner, God of War. For a price point of less than P15,000, it gets within everyone’s budget for a playstation. But if you’re a baller, it’s a no brainer. The PS4 NBA 2K19 bundle should be the one to get for every fan of the NBA that would like…