rog scabbard


In this age of competitive gaming, every bit of help that you can get from your gear helps. Your monitor’s refresh rate, your PC’s better graphics card. your mouse’s DPI, and the list goes on. And while today’s mice are mostly designed to work on any surface, a good mousepad still comes in handy for those situations when you need that extra bit of performance. The ROG Scabbard is a prime example of such. Design At 900 x 400 x 2mm, the ROG Scabbard is large enough to fit not only your mouse, but also your keyboard, with enough extra space for a few other items on your desk. In a way, it also acts as a wrist pad, for a more comfortable typing experience. That also means you need a big table to use it. Unless of course, you’re okay with half of it dangling on the side. Using it…