Seiko x Monster Huner Series Watch


Your hunt has ended. Seiko and Monster Hunter just announced their exclusive collaboration to release a limited line of new watches: Zinogre, Rathalos and Nergigante. Only 1,000 pieces of each watch will be available this October 25. This collaboration is part of the 15th year celebration of the Monster Hunter Series. The watches may be pre-ordered online or via brick and mortar shops in Japan. Each item has an SRP of 50,000 Yen or around PhP25,000 before taxes. While there is no official way to buy these goodies from Japan directly to Philippines, there is another way to do so by buying through Rakuten Japan and have your item delivered via MyJapan. We haven’t done this ourselves, but this – so far – is what we found to be able to buy these limited edition watches. However, if you’re in Japan right now, and you’re looking at going back in…