smart bro


Smart Turbo plans have been around for more than a month now. We are actually subscribed to one of the configurations, and we must say that we have been really satisfied with it. There are 2 configurations to choose from: one that is perfect for the casual internet user (PLUS), and another one for those who are after pure volume (download and upload) (MAX). Here are plans you can choose from: With Smart Turbo Plans, you don’t need to fret for not having an unlimited internet. According to studies, at least 3 gb a month is more than enough for more internet users. As a matter of fact, having a 7gb of Pure Volume configuration – yes, I’m using Turbo Max 2500 – allow me to do the following: Send 420 Emails Visit 660 websites Post 360 pictures on Social Networking sites Stream music for 180 mins Stream YouTube and…