Smart Community Programs


Filipino brand Starmobile has recently partnered with Smart Communications to support its technology education program called “millenniors,” meaning tech-savvy, and senior, derived from the term “millennials.” It aims to tech technology to the elderly. For many of them, taking selfies, posting on Facebook, and chatting using Messenger are not just fun – but also a way for them to get in touch with their children and grandchildren, many of whom they don’t always get to see or speak with. Launched also in partnership with Adamson University, seniors were taught the basics of using a smartphone, as well as joining Facebook. The lecture was headed by Smart’s Public Affairs team, while the hands-on sessions were conducted by student-volunteers from Adamson University’s Computer Science department and Integrated Community Extension Services. Elders were taught the basics of using a smartphone, and joining Facebook. During the program, elders used the Starmobile PLAY and UP, which are designed for first-time…