smart play vlogger camp


Are you an aspiring vlogger who wants to take the Internet by storm? do you want to learn from the most influential vloggers on how to come up with engaging and compelling content on YouTube? Well, this is your time to shine, as Smart brings you Smart Play: Vlogger Camp! a one-of-a-kind convention that brings together the finest vloggers in the country to a school near you, so you can learn and perfect the basics of vlogging, and eventually create content that will capture the attention of millions online. “Smart has always been at the forefront when it comes to enabling the Filipinos’ passions be it in entrepreneurship, entertainment, sports or lifestyle. We’ve always strived hard to arm our consumers with services that help them digitize their routines. This time, we want to equip the country’s future vloggers with the right tools and know-how to kick-start a career in vlogging.…