Smart Prepaid


Communication is the key to building relationships, and forging bonds with those around us. And with the rise of social media, it has become a necessity for us to have access to these new channels of connecting to other people. Smart communication believes that everyone should be able to connect with others the way they want. You can now do so with All Out Surf 30, the newest promo that lets you connect through any channel, whether it’s messenger, social apps, calling, or texting! All Out Surf 30 gives you 300MB worth of data, unlimited Facebook, 30 minutes worth of calls to Smart, TNT and Sun subscribers, and unlimited texts to all networks valid for 2 days, for only PhP30.00! What exactly can you do with 300MB of data? that’s about 500 posts on social media with one photo, 6 hours worth of music streaming, or 200 web pages visited.…

Good news! All new Smart Prepaid SIMs are now LTE capable and comes with 6 months FREE data plus rewards. On top of that you’ll also have access to Smart’s data promos! With Smart’s Prepaid LTE SIM, you can do all of the things you love online! Play games, stream your favorite videos and music, and more! all for only PhP40.00! watch the video below. For more information, you may visit smart.com.ph/prepaid/sim or their official Twitter account (@livesmart) #RocketFastLTE