Tetris Effect


Tetris Effect. That’s a game most didn’t see coming to the PS4 in this age of 4K HDR gaming. But if the 1.7M views in its E3 reveal¬†and the handful of E3 awards are any indication, the new take on this classic means that this will be a sleeper hit. As one who played Tetris in its various iterations from Sega Mega Drive to the “Brick Game” in the 90s, I felt that Tetris has been relegated to the puzzle games of yore, never again to be played in the modern console era. But with creative visionaries that combine music and puzzle games, it was just a matter of time before a Tetris game is reborn for the next generation of gamers. And now it’s almost here. In just 2 days, Tetris Effect will be launching in the country and it’ll be for those of us, casual and hardcore gamers…