top 5 games


September is when the big games really start pouring in but August holds some sleeper hits that will surely give your wallet something to think about. Spend now or save up for those triple A’s? Whatever your choice is, there’s no lack of quality games for the rest of 2019 and we start off with our top picks for August. Astral Chain (Nintendo Switch exclusive, August 30) Platinum Games. Need we say more? This Switch exclusive is a fast paced action adventure game led by Takahisa Taura of Nier:Automata fame and the one and only Hideki Kamiya from Devil May Cry / Bayonetta.  No local pre-orders have been announced yet but this is looking to be like a day one purchase for most Switch fans, including us. Control (PS4, Xbox, PC, August 27) First revealed back in E3 2018, it was easily overlooked because of other announcements like…