uc web


Have you ever tried using UC Browser? We have been using UC Browser for more than a month now on our iPhone 6 Plus and ASUS Zenfone Selfie, and we are utterly surprised with the boatload of features it offers. Apart from its highly popular Download Management feature, the browser also features equally important value added modules such as Data Compression, Cloud System, Sharing buttons and shortcuts to popular local websites. UC Browser’s mobile interface has a very minimalist feel. It puts more emphasis on content, but makes its other under-the-hood features available and accessible at the bottom of the application window. Just like other mobile browsers, URLs may be put and seen atop the application window. The latter automatically minimizes when it’s not being used, and shows 3 default tabs (Web, App and Video) when clicked. All these easy-access features make our operations really quick and very seamless. Accessing…