vivo v7+ all screen display


https://youtu.be/nR7WGrDav98 I got to play with the VIVO V7+ over the weekend, and I’m definitely impressed with it. You’re now seeing on the video above¬†its screen in action and based on my assessment, while the colors aren’t as vibrant as I wanted them to be, its All Screen feature really lives up to its game. It’s a 5.99″ display housed in a 5.5-inch form factor, which is definitely a trend nowadays. It’s perfect for consuming contents like watching a video, reading Gadget Pilipinas via the browser or even playing your favorite games. Not all apps and games support this yet, which is quite a bummer, but it’s definitely good to have especially if you’re a hardcore gamer. What can you say about this, guys? Anyone here excited to use a smartphone with an 18:9 screen ratio? Watch out for our full review of the VIVO V7+ soon on Gadget Pilipinas.